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Waltson brings you the experienced professionals needed to unlock the true potential of your property. Whether this is through the expert remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms, basements or exterior installations, you can depend on the results that will last for the life of your home, adding to the beauty and utility of your property in a way that you can depend on.

Why You Should Remodel Your Home With Walston Homes

We have been bringing quality home builders to Southern Arizona for many years and are dedicated to bringing the best possible results to your property. Whether you’re looking to transform a particular room in your home or to add one, we have the remodeling professionals you need at hand. With just a simple phone call to our offices, you will soon find yourself on the line with a qualified professional ready to provide you with the means to quickly book appointments or to find out more information regarding the wide variety of services that we offer. ​

Walston Homes

Kitchen Remodel

Do you have a certain style of kitchen in mind?  Are you looking for a more open design that is customized for your every move and cooking style in the kitchen? Walston Homes' professional designers will help you with the process in making this kitchen exactly how you want it.  From the placements of the cupboards, to the location of your appliances.  Every step of the process will be complete with professionalism.

Bathroom Remodel

Walston Homes will help you with the design of your new Bathroom.  We want to make sure we are bringing the dream bathroom that you have in mind to a reality.  No better way that to consult with the professionals that will make that happen. From the design phase to the completions of your new bathroom, it will be exactly how you want it and even more.


Sometimes painting can spruce up your entire home. Just by simply picking out a new paint color or two and applying it to a room (whether it be one room or the entire interior or exterior) it can improve the homes look substantially. Don’t worry about picking the right color because whatever you choose a new application of paint will get all of your family members talking.

Regarding the space you’re choosing the paint color for, you will need to decide which type of paint that you think would work best. There are two types of paints; water-based and oil-based.

Home Remodel

We bring you the widest array of services possible in order to ensure that you can turn the space you have into the one you’ve always dreamt of. From bathroom remodeling to patio pavers, retaining wall installation or a new spiral staircase, you can be sure that our experts have the skill and capability to bring you the end result you’re looking for. When you need quality in every step of your service, you can count on Spokane Home Remodel & Contract Services.

Would you like to start a project with us?

Call us today to get your FREE estimate for your project.  Our professional home remodeling team will get all of the details of the project to get the job done right and in a timely manner. 

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