Historic Building Restoration & Remodeling Services

Walston Homes Provides The Best Historical Restoration Services!

Walston Homes has many specialities when it comes to renovation and remodeling.  You can throw in historic buildings and homes into the mix of specialities as well. Like our business that is build with honesty and integrity, we take the same route into these projects to keep the integrity of the historic buildings as well. When you're looking for a historic building renovation contractor or a historic home remodeling contractor, you can contact us at Walston Homes to get the project done right. Knowing that your project is in good hands will give you peace of mind while we complete the job with an open line of communication between you and our company during the whole process.

Historic Building Remodeling & Restoration Contractors in Southern Arizona

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About Out Historic Building & Home Restorations

Historic Building Restoration Contractors

Don't just let anyone work on restoring your building. Our crew will remove all of the unwanted materials, layers of paint and work to restore your historical building to its original, natural beauty.  We are able to bring just about any historical project back to life.  Many companies would take the easy route in getting the job done, but Walston Homes specializes in not only New Home Construction or Home Remodeling, but we also provide top notch service to your historical building projects.

Your building doesn't just need a simple paint job or some new windows, it needs an expert touch.  The combination of our in-house team and network of resources will give your building its original luster and glory once again.

Historic Home Restoration

Like our historic building restoration, the historic home restoration is another passion of ours that we specialize in.  Depending on what you're looking for, we will make sure to keep the integrity of the home in tack. One of the ways we do this is by review the age of the home, then working directly with you to take the right plan of action to what needs to stay and what can be updated in the home. In keeping the integrity of the home, we want to make sure that we are staying in line with what period the home was completed.

Do you have a hitoric home or building that needs remodeling or renovation?

Call us today to get your FREE estimate for your project.  Our professional home and historic remodeling & renovation team will get all of the details of the project to get the job done right and in a timely manner. 

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